How to Select a research topic in agriculture?
How to Select a research topic in agriculture?

Many challenging topics are available in the agriculture field to work on it.

Before we choose a research topic, one thing clicks in our minds. What are the top research ideas for 2022? 

What to choose in research in the agriculture field?

Before we selcet our research topic, we should note the following few things.

1. Select that topic you know well about; otherwise, you will waste much time researching from scratch.

2. Do not choose limited topics because they rarely support considerable evidence from reliable sources.

3. Search novel topic in which you have some new ideas based on pre-existing ideas

What is research? 

Research does not mean repeating the process of scientific experiments; instead, research means discovering something new in a topic already exercised. 

Hot or Top Research Topics of 2022 in soil scient. (agriculture)

1.         Interactive impacts of climate change and agricultural management on soil organic carbon sequestration potential of cropland in China over the coming decades

2.         Adapting agriculture to climate change through growing season adjustments: Evidence from corn in China

3.         Climate Change Affects Crop Production Potential in Semi-Arid Regions: A Case Study in Dingxi, Northwest China, in Recent 30 Years

4.         Dynamic simulation of land-use change and assessment of carbon storage based on climate change scenarios at the city level: A case study of Bortala, China

5.         20 Years nitrogen dynamics study by using APSIM nitrogen model simulation for sustainable management in Jilin China

6.         Strategies for reducing cadmium accumulation in rice grains

7.         Effective amendments on cadmium, arsenic, chromium, and lead-contaminated paddy soil for rice safety

8.         towards incorporating remote sensing in crop modeling for precision agriculture purposes

9.         A review of methods to evaluate crop model performance at multiple and changing spatial scales

10.       Index-based insurance and hydroclimatic risk management in agriculture: A systematic review of index selection and yield-index modeling methods

Now how to work on a research topic?

When the topic is selected, it's time to start writing about the idea. Increase your knowledge by studying previously done research articles, exploring books, and searching topics on the internet. Now you have a good grasp of the subject. Once you develop several solid arguments and ideas, it's time to outline your writing. 

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