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Jobs & Turn your Skills into a
Private Sector Creer

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Why VitGigs is the best plateform to
Find Veteran jobs..

Warm Introduction to companies-not just a job board or an applications portal. we have relationship with all of our employers

Ability to sort opportunities by job/contract, skills and certification, location, pay amount and more

Mentorship and support is available from the VitGigs team to help talent develop marketable skills and increase their values

Easy to agree on term for contract work-no more weeks of going back and forth on term for Statements of work

Safe and Fast payment for contract work through Stripe

A quick and easy way for Veterans to find Full-Time job and Part-Time Gigs!

Lunching into a new career after the military is difficult even for two-star
General with decades of service.

Taking of the uniform realizing you have a new uniform and need to find a new purpose is one of the hardest part of transitioning
into a civilian life.

Finding a high-paying job and translating your skills to the language recruiter are looking for in different fields is another
issue service member face

VigGig is a Veteran owned platform that helps Veteran and Military spouses find a new purpose after the military through a network
of mentors, free resources and access to pre-screened high-Paying full-time jobs and part-Time gigs that put their wealth of skills
and experience to work

Want to know how it works ?

finding jobs and contract work has never been easier


it takes just a few minuts to create your
profile that showcases your expertise,
interest and qualification.


Brows open Part-Time Gigs and Full-
Time opportunities to determine which
ones match your experience and submit your proposal.


Start working on the first project you win, get
paid and keep growing.Stripe will pull your
payment on the agreed upon datess, providing
your security and and will release your funds on
payment cycle date.


As an Army Veteran who has successfully transitioned to a civilian career
I know unknown what works to find a post-military purpose.

I created VetGigs to find a scalable solution for the 22-beterans a day they
commit sucide. Veteran often leave the military . they cant have a peace
in society which leeds them to experience help and worthy. VitGigs helps
the find a new professional purpose afte the military with high paying position
that allow them to put the wealth of experience and skills to work.

Our mission is to help Veteran achieve purpose in the civilan career. Bellow I
am not sure to read the whole paragraph because the pixels is not clear when
zoom the image photos so this is the dummy content I am going to upload , after that I
will ask client to provide me about the founder detail.

Access High Paying Veteran Jobs!

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